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We are currently looking for more poetry for this site.  If you would like to see your work published on the net you can.  We are looking for poems about or inspired by Phantom Of The Opera.  Be it about the musical, books, or even an actor/actress you have seen perform.

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Final Thoughts


Even the greatest of loves can be crushed.
And now, I too am crushed.
Fly away from me, but you will never forget,
Your angel, your only true friend.
Hide yourself in your lovers wings of light,
But I will be there, the darkness is always there,
In the sweetest dreams of summer,
In the silence between your heartbeats,
In the corners of your false love.
Whenever you look at the stars,
You will see my darkness caressing them,
Helping them to beat their silent song,
Loving them for their music.
Why could you not love me for my music?
I know you could not love my face,
Or my wild moments of rage,
But everything I did, everything, I did for you.
Right and wrong never mattered to me,
For I was wronged to have been made this way,
And I could not tell them apart,
I wish you could have seen that!
Oh the tears I have shed in my despair,
And my one hope, the reason for my madness,
Was a snow-covered flower always just out of my reach,
But now the flower has reached spring,
While I am left in a terrible storm,
And the thunder of hooves beckons me,
As the tender rose once did,
But alas, my rose shall never call to me again!

And now my thoughts twist and my senses decay,
For all I can see is my gravestone standing alone,
Bleeding softly into the dust,
And silently, I will slip away,
Not with the symphonies of daylight,
Or the harmonies of forgiveness,
But with the shifting melodies of self-pity,
Murmuring in the eternal darkness.
Ha! Don Juan will still triumph,
Their revenge will not be so sweet,
They have cursed themselves forever!
For, whom will be remembered more,
The angel of death,
Or the pitiful men who failed to catch him!
The angel has lost his soul, but not his dignity!
And whats more, his soul was a poison,
Diseased with it’s infatuation,
How lucky for me that I no longer need it,
No longer to be prey to it’s weakness,
I shall not mourn it, why should I?
With no soul, I cannot mourn it,
I cannot, I will not.....
Unfeeling decisions are all that await me,
I shall not mourn for my soul,
Wretched thing that it was!
But.....I must still have some soul,
For I am suffering, and I hate it!
Oh, break what is left of my soul!
Christine, come back!
Strike me harder!
End my miserable existence!
Or tell me that I have dreamt all this,
Yes, it is so, a dream!
I am in a nightmare,
My love is nearby, and she wants me to wake,
But how can I wake?
If I wake, Christine, will you hold me?
Let me wake Christine,
I am so tired of this dream,
So tired, so sick, so alone,
I will fall from this dream into sleep,
And then I will awake,
Happy at last, full of joy,
For I will be closer to you, Christine,
And I can truly be your angel,
Sending you my music from heaven,
I will be happy there won’t I?
Tell me, Christine, that you will let me be happy there!
I cannot sing to you yet, my love,
This dream is too awful for that,
But soon we will sing together,
And all others will learn to love our music,
And then, I will truly have found my heaven.

I can see it now, a coppery field of lullabies,
That we will walk through all summer long,
That will keep us safe in it’s shimmering sunsets.
I can see it, beyond that river!
But that river, it seems strange....
It is red, bright swirling red.........
Can it be?...blood!......Oh, horrible blood!
But yes, Christine, we must cross it,
For our paradise awaits us!
Do not be afraid, my boat is here!
I am in, now, give me your hand,
No, you will not fall,
Look, Christine!....Look at the coppery field!
Now, take hold of my hand!
Christine, what are you doing, No!
Christine! I will float away without you!
Float away to Hell!
Join me, take my hand!
Look where the river will take me,
The boat is slipping away Christine!
Hold me!......Please!.....
Why won't you help me?
There is still time, throw me a rope! are looking at another boat!
His boat! No! NO! This cannot be!
The coppery field is fading Christine!
You are fading too!
The river of death has caught me,
I am slipping away from you!
And now you are in his boat,
Will you not look at me one more time?
Oh Christine, show me your eyes!
Before you are gone forever!
Oh......thank you, my love!
But your eyes, they hold such sorrow...
Do not to dwell on me Christine,
You must make it across the river!
Your happiness will make my journey to hell more bearable,
Oh Christine! Your face is gone forever!
All I see now is this hazy river of blood!
Christine, don’t leave me!
I am crying Christine, crying my last tears,
Can you not sing to me through the mist!
Let me hear your voice one more time!
Oh, but you are too far away....
What is this ahead of me now?
The gates of hell! And made of skulls!
I shall not go there, I shall not!
I will jump into the river and drown,
Here I go Christine, I will jump in for you!
No, my love, don’t try and stop me.....
It is better this way,
Shed no tears for
My already silenced.... angel.....


by Nick Newton

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A Cry Of Love


Music in the night.
A romantic vision takes flight.
An actor and character intertwined,
A cry of love combined.
The music swells.
Infatuated, I'm under the actor's spell.
Holding my heart in his hands
as if he's the only one who understands.
He sings a song that can entice the pure
with its hypnotic allure.
My soal soars as each chord is heard
and I hang on to each romantic word.
Entranced, my melting heart knows no shame
like candlewax from a growing flame.
In life, I yearn for what the actor creates,
The perfect adoring mate.
The Phantom's intense emotion
and for Christine everlasting devotion.
A deepening desire
becoming a consuming fire.
A feeling of love so rare,
Unimaginable, beyond compare.
His feelings he's confessing,
while the music's caressing.
I feel unspeakably drawn,
My resistance gone.

Then, as shattered as the chandelier
a new love for her appears.
How can a love so pure
not endure?
She has new-found attention
and grasps at an undistorted connection.
He's tormented and shaken
at his love being forsaken.
The music thunders betrayal
as we hear his tormented wail.

A desperate abduction.
A planned seduction.
An ultimatum to pick him or her lover dies.
She gives her life without a cry.
A kiss to show what love really is,
and that she can never really be his.
we feel his devestating pain
as his tears cascade like rain.
He lets them both go away.
I love you to her is all he can say.
I'm emotionally in pieces
as the music ceases.
He vanishes from sight
like the music of the night.

by Debra Baird

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