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Phantom Friends
Want to meet some new people who share your passion for phantom, or musical theatre in general? Then try out this new penpals page! And maybe it could even lead to love...(phantom did for us!) :)

The Really Useful Groups Phantom Of The Opera Site
This new Phantom site from the Really Usegroup really is spectacular. The graphics are amazing. You can even download video footage from the ORIGINAL broadway cast. Definitely pay it a visit!

The Phantom Of The Opera nexus
The ultimate In phantom links pages. Anything you have ever wanted to find out about phantom you can do so here. Also will keep you up to date with the latest Phantom sites.

The Phantom of The Opera Appreciation Site
A very comprehensive and professional Phantom site.

Felicity's Notebook
Beautifully designed phantom page. Lots of original ideas here such as a tour of the phantom cellar. Also from here you can access the le Roux's novel and Felicity's own Phantom Phiction.

Beyond The Lake
A very cool Phantom page including a 'Raoul's Hater's Society'!

Music Of The Night
A beautifully designed page, including some really touching poetry.

The Phantom of the Opera
The official Really Useful Company's Phantom page.

Musicals.Net - The Phantom of the Opera
General information and a good links page.

Angel or Phantom
A phantom site with some rare content such as 'The Life of John Merrick', and links for supporting the 'anti-phantom sequel' and 'anti-phantom movie' causes.

The Phantom's Labyrinth
This is one of the most impressive phantom sites on the web. It consists of 3 different tours depending on how much you know about phantom. There is so much on this website, and it's beautifully designed too.

Passion Play
There are loads of different sections to this page, including lots of stuff about Sarah Brightman, the original Christine. You can join webrings on this site, and many other things too, a very nice site!

The Carlotta shrine
A page honouring the wonderful opera diva Carlotta.

The Piangi shrine
By the same person, a shrine for Carlotta's partner in opera, Piangi.

Le Fantome & Angelique Fantasy
Phantom of the Opera & Angelique from US soap opera 'Dark Shadows'. A fantasy of a witch and Erik. Lots of link to music, wavs, phantasic puzzles etc.

Erik Shrine
A new site, as yet unfinished at the time of writing, but is looking extremely promising. It is very nicely designed, has a great description of Erik's life, some sounds, and lots more to come.

Erik's Angel's Lair
Has a Phantom website with listings of several actor/resses who have been in it along with biographies and pictures of them. There is also a few other links and such things on that site. Also connected to it is my site I created for Lisa Vroman, San Francisco's Christine for five years. It is currently the only website dedicated to her on the web. There is all kinds of stuff about her there. Also I have a link to a page called 'All About Me' and it gives some information about me in general and some poetry, some Phantom, some not. It also has a biography for Christine Daae.

Phantom's domain
A very new page, be sure to check back to it in the future!

This web site is in support of the casting of Michael Crawford in the movie version of "The Phantom of the Opera".


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